Meet the Board

Virginia Stene-Raines

Founder and President of YCCA ,Virginia grew up on a farm in Michigan and attended Michigan State University where she received her degree in teaching. She moved to Joliet, Montana in 1983 to teach music, where she raised and homeschooled her 5 sons. Virginia is currently in her 48th year of private music instruction, and along with being President of the Board, Virginia serves on the governance and structure committee, where she is preparing the necessary documents for YCCA to open in 2024.

Virginia is passionate about providing our children with the very best we can offer them, and believes that “the classical education model is unsurpassed since it teaches children how to think for themselves, and how to express their thoughts with clarity.” She currently resides in Billings, and enjoys spending time with and teaching music to her 11 grandchildren. She and her husband Stan attend Emmanuel Baptist Church in Billings. 

Mark Herron

Mark was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but followed his family history in Fallon and Lewis & Clark Counties back to Montana. He graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelors in Political Science, recently retired after serving a lengthy career in law enforcement, but currently works for the State of Montana and is a small business owner. Mark is the Vice President of YCCA’s Board of Directors, and his responsibilities include governance, insurance, finances, and policy and procedural development. He has enjoyed working on several agency & non-profit boards including MCSO Search and Rescue, Mt. Hood SAR Council, River Safety Task Force and the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association.

Mark currently resides in Roberts with his wife Victoria and their children, and has been attending Red Lodge Alliance Chapel, Billings Faith Chapel and Red Lodge Rock Creek Church.

David Plowman

David is a native Montanan who served our country in the Navy, and is a founding board member and Secretary of YCCA. David is a small business owner and has been an Awana leader at his church for the past 10 years. He attended Montana State University in Billings, where he received both his Associates Degree in Computer Systems Technology and his Bachelors in History. Growing up, David was homeschooled in Montana and is well-read on topics including history, culture, religion and politics. He attends Joliet Baptist Church. 

Scott Simon

Scott grew up in Billings where he graduated from Montana State University, and received a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering. He is a founding board member of YCCA and also serves on the marketing committee, where he is responsible for messaging, community awareness and the newsletter. As a strong constitutionalist who has a passion for our country as envisioned by our founders, Scott felt led to find a way to make a difference in the lives of young people and knew he wanted to be a part of YCCA when he heard our Founder, Virginia, speak about her vision for the school. Scott and his wife live on Duck Creek between Billings and Laurel and attend First Christian Church and First Baptist Church.

Rachel Moore

Rachel grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Hillsdale College in 2017 where she received her degree in Political Economy. It was at Hillsdale that Rachel was introduced to classical Christian education, and came to understand the incredible power of being taught how to think, and not what to think. Rachel has worked in SaaS sales for the past 5 years for a company based out of Boston, and works remotely, splitting time  between Boston and her family home in Joliet. She is a member of the marketing committee, and is responsible for all social channels and our website.

Rachel is passionate about helping others gain access to education that provides an alternative to the progressive agenda being pushed in many schools. Rachel attends Heritage Baptist Church in Norwood, MA.

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